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Survey reveals general life satisfaction highest in Australia

The latest Department of Immigration and Border Protection data shows that India has topped Australia’s migration list. Indian citizens comprise almost a quarter of the 457 visa figures, overtaking the United Kingdom. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Australian Parliament in November this year promising closer links between Australia and India in the areas of education, health care and clean energy.

Why are more Indian citizens migrating to Australia? Does Australia provide the living conditions and quality of life that Indian citizens hope for?

The answer may be found in The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Better Life Index. Results from the latest Index show that Australia has ranked the highest in general life satisfaction for the past 3 years in a row. Specifically, Australia was ranked highly in the areas of health, civic engagement and housing.

The OECD website created an interactive map using the results from the Index. An interesting tool from this map shows what well-being topics are rated the highest and where. Using this tool, it was discovered that Indian citizens find life satisfaction and health as the two most important topics. Australia ranks highly in these areas, and could be a contributing factor as to why migrants are choosing to come to our country.

Many people value areas such as education and employment, and others value health and safety. Australia ranks highly across a number of the indices.

To see the results head over to the OECD website and adjust the index topics to see where Australia lies.


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